Our Roots

Not everything is black/white

Somewhere between memphis & baltimore…

It’s hard to say where, but we know when it all started and why we wanted a better experience. When you’re driving long hours and living out of a suitcase (for work), the majority of us reach for a coffee or an energy drinks and that’s completely fine. The only issues that we had were:

1) We got tired of stopping and using the restroom every 30 minutes.

2) Why doesn’t this drink do more than give me a little buzz?

So, we started playing and attempting to solve one problem at a time and in many cases creating new problems along the way. Frankly, we got our butt kicked a lot and on some days we were chemists and on others, we were hanging drywall (for our clean room / lab).

But it wasn’t until we started experimenting with mood enhancers that things really started to grow. The theory was, if you feel you good, you’ll do better and care more and that’s what we accomplished when we added Zembrin to the mix. The combination of ingredients that are unique to Nutramint Smart Serum are the difference between feeling great and feeling buzzed and it shows.

We’d like to thank you for giving us a try and in the end, if you understand that life is a constant hustle and you’re willing to dive in, we can help you get where you want to go. Good Luck!