Nutramint Smart Serum
More Focus, Less Stress!
Attacks Stress!

this sh*t works

Fast Facts

Our Smart Serum

Nutramint Smart Serum is available in 2 flavors : Fresh Mint and Lemonade. We only use natural flavoring agents and natural caffeine. It’s our opinion that the more natural you go, the better off you’ll be - it just makes sense. Our team uses Nutramint daily, Ultra-Premium Ingredients and hundreds of thousands of hours of research are in every bottle of Nutramint Smart Serum and it shows. The reason why people choose Nutramint Smart Serum over our competitors is because we’re more than a sugary buzz, we’re a get sh*t done and feel great doing it product and that’s what sets us apart from the competition.


Our roots

How can you describe our start and progression without talking about the struggles that led to success?  You can’t – We’re chemists, cooks, sales people, road warriors and dry wall hangers who questioned the boundaries of the functional beverage.   We were the consumers until our curious little experiment became the beginnings of what we called The Smart Serum.      

fast acting smart serum*

caffeine +

“I took it in place of my second cup of coffee and felt a noticeable lift in my alertness and mood within about 15 minutes.”